Frambach, Ruud Research Track Chair

Prof. dr. Ruud Frambach
 Room 2E-33
 Tel.: +31 (0) 20 598 6002

The research of the marketing group focuses on strategic marketing. Marketing strategy concerns those decisions that affect an organisation's long-term competitive market position based upon the desirability and superiority of the value that it offers to its customers. In our research, we are interested in understanding how organisations can develop superior customer value in markets characterised by dynamic exchange relationships. Firms' long-term competitive advantage is highly dependent upon their capability to successfully develop and market innovative value propositions (products and services). This requires a market-oriented approach in which both manifest and latent needs of (potential) customers are fully understood and taken as the starting point for building and maintaining customer relations. Organisations that are capable of doing so successfully are more likely to show superior performance in the long run. In our research programme, we therefore focus on two main themes. First, we focus on innovation as major driver of value as perceived by customers. Second, we study cross-cultural research methods that enable us to better understand markets and how to serve them more effectively in the dynamic cross-cultural context of today. In addition to our specific focus, our group also engages in other marketing strategic research topics that are of interest to the marketer, including areas such as social networks, marketing channels, and geo-marketing.

marketing strategy; innovation; cross-cultural research methods; geo-marketing.

Marketing researchers

NameResearch topicE-mail
Jaap BoterGeodemographics, delivery of online purchases, location planning, in-store tracking, retail
Ruud FrambachInnovation adoption and marketing
Hester van HerkAntecedents and consequences of cultural values on consumer behavior in developed and emerging
Mirella KleijnenAdoption versus resistance toward innovation, interactive media, consumer-to-consumer versus consumer-to-company interactions, and services
Kobe MilletConsumer decision making, consumer behavior in hard economic times and biological drivers of economic
Meike Morren Ways to measure and correct for response styles in survey research, and improve statistical methods to market
Leo PaasFinancial services marketing, cross-cultural marketing, marketing
Remco PrinsAdoption, usage, and disadoption of innovations, direct marketing for charities, customer