Servant-Leadership Centre for Research and Education (SERVUS)

Servant-Leadership (SL) is a leadership principle embedded in a way of life, which has been recognized and expounded upon in all parts of the world from ancient times on, and across all cultures. SL is driven by the motivation of enabling others to work more effectively and be successful, in the service of people, be they clients, customers, employees, partners, colleagues and/or members of your network. Integrating both head and heart, SL expands as a principle to serve the community and act a steward of the environment and all that inhabit it for.

Three key areas where SERVUS can play a pivotal role in building on the VU’s fundamental raison d’etre as a research and learning institute of openness, diversity, social responsibility, and sustainability:

  •  To fill a recognized gap in scientific research and push the boundaries of knowledge in this SL field of business studies. Various Fortune 500 and so called Great Place to Work companies have actively emphasized this SL approach throughout their business practice.
  • To serve (re)searchers’ and educationalists’ talent growth. While SL research is our priority, a solid fundament for further talent development in close connection with key organizations (sister universities, industry) worldwide is envisaged.
  • To create an international platform. SERVUS provides the meeting place of diverse minds and generations through exchange, in order to further develop a new paradigm of leadership in a multicultural, comparative and historical perspective.

Fons Trompenaars and Sylvia van de Bunt 

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