Professional Services Hub

About the Hub


The new ABRI/VU Professional Services Sector Hub provides a focused and strategic gateway to developing and maintaining partnerships between the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the VU and industry ad well as other public sector partners. By working together we can develop practically relevant and intellectually rigorous solutions to important real-world challenges and needs in the Amsterdam metropolitan area based on world-class research.

Professional services sector

The importance of professional service firms in contemporary society is not only reflected in their direct monetary power or in their appeal as an employer of a substantial number of staff, but also become apparent in their (arguably) significant influence on the design and functioning of business and public organizations. The professional services sector constitutes a vibrant and growing environment, or in the words of Greenwood et al. “a significant sector of the economy, whether measured by their size, numbers, or influence” (2005: 661) and includes:

  • Established professional services e.g., accountancy, finance, law, engineering,
  • Professional services in the Creative industries, including , advertising, marketing and design,
  • New, emerging professional services e.g., management consulting,
  • Transitional or transformed professionals e.g., public-private sector transitions, self-employed professionals (e.g., ZZPers).


The Faculty’s areas of research expertise comprises:

  • The governance, leadership and management of professional service firms
  • The impact of new technologies, regulations, public expectations, and ethics on professional services and standards
  •  Procurement and pricing
  • Career trajectories for professionals
  • Concepts, tools and techniques of professions
  • Professionals and their client relations and interactions
  • Professional expertise, knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship
  • New forms of professional organisation: privatisation, social enterprise, etc.
  • Business analytics and process improvement tools in professional services

Word-class research

The PSF hub’s expertise is based both on strong partnerships with leading firms in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, and world-class research as indicated by recent key publications in top academic journals as well as influential professional journals.


If you have any queries or would like to discuss a project idea please contact members of the management committee: dr. Stefan Heusinkveld ( or professor Joep Cornelissen (