About the SBE Research Ethics Review Board

1. The goal of the SBE Research Ethics Review Board (RERB) is to ensure that research involving human participants is carried out in compliance with relevant institutional, national and international ethics regulations and legal requirements.
2. The RERB 1) conducts ethics reviews of research proposals, 2) promotes ethical research practices, and 3) advises the School Board, department heads and individual researchers about the ethical acceptability of research proposals.

The Research Ethics Review Board of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) consists of
1) the following SBE Faculty members, who each represent a department or research track within the School of Business and Economics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

  • Prof. dr. André Lucas
  • Prof. dr. Henri Dekker
  • Prof. dr. Ruud Frambach
  • Prof. dr. Bernd Heidergott
  • Prof. dr. Marleen Huysman
  • Prof. dr. Svetlana Khapova
  • Prof. dr. Albert Menkveld
  • Prof. dr. José Luis Moraga-González
  • Prof. dr. Erik Verhoef

2) an independent academic RERB member from another VU faculty, and

3) the RERB secretary

  • Niki Konijn