PhD course on Research Ethics and Integrity in Business Studies

ABRI offers a course a 2 EC course in Research Ethics and Integrity in Business Studies (REIBS) for PhD students and junior faculty.

The course aims to 1) introduce ABRI PhD students and junior faculty to the principles of responsible research practices in management studies, from initial project design through the peer review- and publishing process; 2) to increase the participants’ knowledge of the existing policies and guidelines concerning research ethics and integrity, as well as to develop appreciation for all major contextual aspects or Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), including sound publication practices, data management and the recruitment of human subjects; 3) to encourage the application of sound research practices and to promote a positive attitude towards RCR, and 4) to create awareness about the nature and the impact of research misconduct and questionable research practices for the academic field and society at large.

The REIBS course provides extensive information about existing research policy, ethical guidelines, integrity standards, and terms and definitions for RCR in management studies. Next to that, the course elaborates on the context surrounding the rules and regulations by addressing various philosophical and practical notions of ethics and integrity, by discussing a broad array of questionable research practices (the so-called ‘grey area’s’) and by exposing the participants to various ethical dilemmas.

After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to: apply responsible research practices, identify questionable research practices and research misconduct, reflect on ethical soundness of own work and work of others, make ethical and legal choices concerning all major aspects of research practice, and to understand their own responsibilities as a researchers and those of others.

The course is divided into three sessions, that each address the most prominent aspects of Responsible Conduct of Research. Each session includes a set of specific learning objectives, topics for discussion, an assignment or a case study, and a list of mandatory readings and video material.

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The course manual will be available through this page around February 9, 2018.