ABRI Fellowship System


ABRI consists of two main pillars: the Graduate School (GS) and the Research Institute (RI). The RI serves to structure, manage and further develop SBE research activities in the business area.
The objective of the ABRI Fellowship system is to create a community of researchers who actively engage in high quality research, thus creating a stimulating and sustainable research climate. In addition, the fellowship system provides an infrastructure that allows for further professionalizing the RI in the future. This is not only important for the purpose of quality control (also in light of peer review evaluations), but also to create a basis for the implementation of new activities (e.g., award system) and new quality measures (e.g., relating fellowship to PhD supervision).
This document provides a set of rules that defines researchers’ participation in the RI, consistent with top research institutes in the discipline.

There are four different categories in the ABRI Fellowship System:

Associate Fellow 
Candidate Fellow
Visiting Fellow