5 PhD Positions at ABRI

ABRI offers 5 Fulltime PhD positions in Business and Management.

12/19/2019 | 2:05 PM

In these position the PhD Candidate will conduct independent, high-quality business research, supervised by a (team of) professor(s), and incorporate the research findings in a doctoral dissertation.In addition, you will be involved in teaching activities at the School of Business and Economics. Depending on your prior education, you will follow a customized training programme at ABRI to boost your research skills.

Applicants should have a MPhil / Research master’s (e.g. our Business in Society Programme) or a university master’s degree with good grades in Economics, Business Administration, Operations Research, Sociology, or a related discipline. Preference will be given to applicants who already have relevant education and experience for conducting academic business research. The deadline for the application is 1 March 2020. The full text of the vacancy can be found here.