VU rises to shared first place in National Student Survey

The results of the National Student Survey 2019 (NSE 2019) were announced on Wednesday 23 October. VU University Amsterdam is moving from third place in 2018 to shared first place this year at the broad universities. "I am extremely proud of the increase in appreciation of VU students for the work of our teachers and staff," said Rector Magnificus Vinod Subramaniam.

10/28/2019 | 1:13 PM

Student satisfaction increased slightly on almost all fronts, VU students gave their studies an average of 4.07 (out of 5) and the general atmosphere on their study program a 4.11. Furthermore, the scores for scientific skills, information provision, career guidance and internationalization have risen compared to 2018.

Appreciation for student counseling and quality assurance
The appreciation of VU students for study counseling shows a considerable growth, the students particularly appreciate the increased support and guidance from their own study programs. In addition, quality assurance is also rated higher by the VU. Students at the VU are more positive about what is done with the outcomes of educational evaluations than students at other broad universities.

The study facilities at the VU are assessed relatively low. In the coming years, money from the student loan funds will be used to create more self-study and collaboration places for students.

Quality of NS data
The result of the NSE 2019 is later than in previous years because there was a lack of clarity about the quality of the results due to a changed set-up and new privacy rules. After investigation, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) concluded that the corrected results of the National Student Survey 2019 are of the same quality level as in previous years. Statistics Netherlands published the findings in the National Student Survey 2019 Review.

View the results of the NSE 2019 here.