Podcast with Mirella Kleijnen during the customer journey

How can you, as a company, make marketing personal and effective based on the customer journey? Mirella Kleijnen, among others, discusses this in a podcast by Adformatie.

09/20/2019 | 3:12 PM

The customer journey is a much discussed topic in marketing. How can you ensure that the journey becomes personal and efficient thanks to the right marketing? In six episodes, various marketers and leaders from the field talk about digital and data-driven marketing. The third episode feautured Mirella Kleijnen (professor of customer experience management at VU University Amsterdam), Diederik den Dekker (Picnic growth team) and Reynder Bruyns (head of digital strategy iProspect). Their advice: keep in touch with the consumer, always approach it personally, and make use of technological developments. And, as Kleijnen says, "Sometimes you have to tell the customer what the customer should do."

You can listen to the podcast (in Dutch) here.