Entrepreneurship in space is difficult without the support of major players

Space travel is commercially popular. More and more companies are shifting their terrain and pointing their arrows upwards. Still doing business in space remains a difficult task.

06/28/2019 | 4:29 PM

VU University Amsterdam, in collaboration with (and funded by) the European Space Agency (ESA) and Netherlands Space Office (NSO), conducted five years of research into entrepreneurship in the European space sector. Last Tuesday the research results were explained in the symposium "Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Space Sector".
The main conclusion lies primarily in the help you receive as an entrepreneur. "It is essential that there is support from the major players in the sector and from major agencies such as ESA." But it is also difficult for small companies to get a foothold alongside dominant players such as Airbus and to use the technology developed. for other applications. However, this study shows that it is possible, within the right preconditions.

The extensive research report can be read here.