Frans Feldberg gives 'TEDx Talk' about the influence of A.I.

What role does Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) play in reducing the effects of cancer? And what role does artificial intelligence play on reducing greenhouse gases? Prof. Frans Feldberg (School of Business and Economics) answers these questions in his recently published Tedx Talk.

02/05/2019 | 1:25 PM

The TedxTalk was incorporated in Alkmaar at the end of January and carried the theme: 'Design our Future'. A topic that fits well with Feldberg's research that focuses on designing a more sustainable future through data-driven innovation. In his presentation, Feldberg delves deeper into the economy behind artificial intelligence. "The 'economics or A.I' is permeated in our daily lives. For example, by cleverly combining data from washing machines, solar panels and weather forecasts, you can solve a major problem in the energy transition, namely; the storage of energy. Students have calculated that this solution can play a significant role in the climate agreement concluded in Paris to reduce CO2 emissions by five percent, "says Feldberg.

Feldberg states in his Tedx Talk also states that artificial intelligence is certainly not the 'holy grail'. "A.I. brings new challenges in terms of privacy, ethics and cyber security. "With his TEDx talk, he especially wants to make an appeal to actively participate in the discussion on how we can use artificial intelligence in a responsible manner.

Take a look at the Tedx Talk from Frans Feldberg on YouTube.