Webinar Henrik Berglund


12:00 - 13:00

Online session

Opportunities as artifacts and entrepreneurship as design

Prof. Henrik Berglund (University of Oslo)

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Business and Organisation

Conference / Symposium / Seminar

ABRI would like to invite you to an ABRI webinar given by Professor Henrik Berglund (University of Oslo) -  “Opportunities as artifacts and entrepreneurship as design”. You will find more information in the abstract below.

The webinar will take place on Monday, October 5, from 12:00 – 13:00. For the link and password please send an email to m.t.stori@vu.nl
We combine Herbert Simon’s view of design with the common distinction between reality as discovered or created to develop experimentation and transformation as ideal types of entrepreneurial design. Building on the design tradition’s view of artifacts, we describe how opportunities-as-artifacts iteratively develop at the interface between organized individuals and their environments, where more or less concrete instantiations are used to drive the process forward. By conceptualizing entrepreneurship as artifact-centered design, we provide an alternative to accounts inspired by economic theory, which have proven conceptually problematic and of limited practical use. We conclude by discussing how uncertainty can be defined and managed, the value of design as a conceptual anchor for entrepreneurship studies, opportunities for future research, and how entrepreneurship seen as design naturally bridges theory and practice.

Henrik Berglund will present his forthcoming Academy of Management Review papers, which will be part of the special topic forum on uncertainty. He is an associate professor at Chalmers and an adjunct associate professor (Professor II) at the University of Oslo’s Centre for Entrepreneurship. His research interests include entrepreneurship theory, technology strategy, academic entrepreneurship, venture capital, and entrepreneurship as design, as well as methodology and theory of science. His work has been published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Academy of Management Review, Venture Capital, Journal of Managerial Psychology. For more information: http://henrikberglund.com