Opening Academic Year




Opening Academic Year 2020, Start Kuyper Year

Ben Tiggelaar, Marry de Gaay Fortman, Mirjam van Praag

VU Amsterdam

Business and Organisation


Even as we face an economic downturn, the VU Amsterdam community is buzzing with new ideas worthy of an entrepreneurial approach. This entrepreneurial approach to ideas is set to make an important difference. More than ever before, VU Amsterdam aims to be an incubator for start-ups. Where its founder Abraham Kuyper once used crowdfunding to launch the VU enterprise, entrepreneurial students, staff and alumni are now capable of achieving much more!

On 31 August we will be delighted to show you some inspirational examples of entrepreneurs changing the world for the better. We will also be launching the Kuyper Challenge. Students and recent graduates’ best ideas for start-ups will be rewarded with coaching and financial support in the next academic year. VU Amsterdam President of the Executive Board Mirjam van Praag will join management guru Ben Tiggelaar and female corporate leader Marry de Gaay Fortman to discuss the outstanding entrepreneurship embodied by these initiatives.

For the first time ever, we are launching the academic year at VU Amsterdam online. You can find more information about the programme at

Kuyper Year
The Opening of the Academic Year marks the start of Kuyper Year, in which VU Amsterdam will celebrate its 140th anniversary with a host of activities and themes that are characteristic of the university and Abraham Kuyper himself: democracy, diversity and social entrepreneurship. You are also warmly invited to take part in the other anniversary activities in the 2020-2021 academic year, details of which you will find at