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Application deadline PhD Council

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

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The Amsterdam Business Research Institute is currently seeking new members for its PhD Council.

The ABRI PhD Council was formed in 2010 to represent the interest of all SBE PhD cadidates and to provide them with all the information relevant to their work at the University and to strongly work together on solving problems regarding education, supervision and planning that PhD candidates might face during their research project.

Aside from representing SBE PhDs, the Council also organizes PhD lunch meetings to discuss topics that PhDs have encountered or might encounter in their lives as PhDs and also an annual social event aimed at the PhD community.

ABRI is currently seeking 5 members, preferably from the different SBE faculties. Below you will find more information on the Council Duties and what is expected from members.

For more information about the vacancy please click here.

In case you are interested to support the ABRI PhD community and would like to become an ABRI Council member, please inform Mariana Stori before November 16, 2019 (