Research Seminar Friederike Wüsteney



HG 5A-37

The mediating role of Social Capital in international assignments. A systematic literature review

Friederike Wüsteney

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Business and Organisation

Conference / Symposium / Seminar

Friederike Wüsteney will hold her presentation titled "The mediating role of Social Capital in international assignments. A systematic literature review" on 29 January at 16:00 in room HG 5A-37. This will be followed at 17:00 with drinks in the Basket. 

International assignments allow growth of individual’s social capital. Living and working in a foreign country requires developing new social contacts in order to master quotidian tasks. The kinds of relationships built up during the international assignment depend on several input factors, e.g. the duration of the assignment or the individual’s previous international experience. Once available, those contacts deliver social support to the individual and may lead, for instance, a facilitated integration to the host country. The individual’s embeddedness and integration to the host country is further beneficial to the employer as his assigned employee will be less likely to leave the company. Hence, individual’s social capital seems to play an important role in the successful expatriation of employees and is valuable to attain a deeper understanding of its development. While present literature allows already some insights regarding inputs and outcomes framing the process of building social capital during international assignments, the process itself remains quite unclear. Yet, it is indistinct how social capital emerges and under which conditions it is formed. Using a systematic literature review, my paper strives to organize the fragmented research into a clear model of inputs, processes and outcomes.