Workshop Entrepeneurship

02/17/2016 | 02/19/2016


VU University

Towards a social practice approach in entrepreneurship

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Business and Organisation

Conference / Symposium

Why: This workshop is aimed at the development of an entrepreneurship as practice perspective to advance social theories in entrepreneurship that integrate performance-dominated and interpretive analyses. The entrepreneurship as practice domain seeks to advance current debates in the field of entrepreneurship research in several respects. Our ambition is to build upon extant research and develop towards a more reflexive and critically integrated perspective of the phenomenon. We aim for this workshop to be an invitation for more scholars to participate in (re-)energizing ideas about entrepreneurial behavior into a richer context.

For whom: PhD students looking for course work on practice theory and entrepreneurship as well as connections and feedback from top international scholars; International scholars that are using or interested in using a practice theory-led approach to entrepreneurship.

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