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Servant-Leadership in Crisis Situations

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We are delighted to announce our forthcoming Servant-Leadership symposium on May 4th, 2015, 13.15-17.30 hrs.

The symposium Servant-Leadership in Crisis Situations is the 11th in an annual symposium series organized by SERVUS. The symposium is a meeting place for international Master students in Business Administration, professionals and practitioners to strengthen the link between theory and business practice. This event with its focus on Crisis Situations goes beyond the cognitive approach to explore our inner strengths and vulnerabilities within people and organisations. How do people cope with crisis in their working life and through experiences of vulnerability develop personal strengths? An organisational crisis such as unemployment, IT failure, closure of a department or clashing corporate cultures after a merger, may turn out to become an opportunity. Servant-Leadership is expressed in both handling (the prevention of) a crisis and at the same time creating a durable corporate culture where people feel safe. For companies this implies matching individual and organisational needs while serving employees through all seasons of business and personal life.

This symposium brings together cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners across disciplines, leveraging the global human needs to learn, serve and lead in their unique way. The symposium will include keynote presentations, workshops and a plenary debate to shed light on the gentle art of serving and leading, and how leaders can serve to acknowledge each others fragility and strengths. In dialogue with the audience, we aim to explore leadership dilemmas that arise across cultural orientations, responding to the needs of the other in times of crisis.

We invite you to save this date and early March more information and the program will follow.

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