Part-Time PhD programme in Business

The ultimate degree for business leaders

Bringing innovation and change into an organisation is no longer an MBA level assignment. Today’s business leaders more and more often raise questions about the implications of their business decisions and organisational change initiatives on their employees, organisation, industry and even markets. Conducting research to understand the organisation’s own internal processes, as well as the business processes surrounding the organisation, is becoming an important function of each organisation and its self-assessment. Understanding trends and predicting implications ahead of others enables business leaders to make better decisions and to empower enduring organisational renewal.

Can today’s business leaders afford outsourcing research to external parties? We think not. Research produces new knowledge, and it needs to be integrated into the heart of your organisational processes. You need to pioneer this knowledge-based change by investing in developing yourself and your organisation.

With our Part-time PhD programme, we aim to support business leaders in:

  • Leveraging your expertise for the creation of innovative business concepts
  • Leveraging existing research findings into a new integrated knowledge 
  • Learning to conduct high quality research 
  • Publishing your work in international business and scientific journals 
  • Becoming part of a stimulating academic community