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There are three main series of research seminars at Amsterdam Business Research Institute. Each is briefly described below, more details can be found on their respective seminar web-pages.

ABRI PhD Research Seminars
A series of seminars during which PhD candidates present their work-in-progress in a friendly environment. The seminars are also aimed to provide an opportunity to discuss with peers, senior researchers and fellow Doctoral candidates representing different disciplines, specific problems related to one’s research. Each seminar includes a 30-minutes presentation by a Doctoral candidate (presenter), a 15-minutes discussion by another Doctoral candidate (reviewer), and a 15-minutes questions and feedback session with the rest of the audience. Each presenter is requested to invite a reviewer– a Doctoral candidate – from another research group. The reviewer provides a review report or a short presentation containing a review before the seminar and hand this over to the presenter and the seminar-coordinators, Zuzana Sasovova and Maura Soekijad. Currently, there are 6 ABRI PhD Research Seminars scheduled per year. They are scheduled at 16.00 and are followed by informal get-together drinks at The Basket (on the campus of VU University Amsterdam). 

ABRI Faculty Seminars 
A series of seminars offered by the faculty members from the two business faculties of two universities in Amsterdam:  VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. The seminars’ are aimed at stimulating innovative cross-disciplinary research environments at both faculties, and give an opportunity to  (a) showcase one’s research to colleagues, researcher peers, and (Research) Master students; (b) share/test one’s fresh theoretical ideas or results of a study that would benefit from constructive feedback of the interdisciplinary and international faculty; and (c) to receive helpful feedback from the multitude of research backgrounds and experiences of the participating researchers. The seminars are organized monthly either at VU or at UvA, between 12.30-13.45.

ABRI Open Seminars 
A series of seminars with renowned international business scholars, who with their work have influenced the way we look at the contemporary business and management. The seminars are open to both: academics and practitioners, and are aimed to stimulate intellectual conversations on specific topics as well as to allow an opportunity to learn more about the person and his/her work through Q&A session. The seminars are organized bi-monthly, between 12.30-13.45, and include a 45-minute lecture followed by a 30 minutes Q&A session with the moderator and an open discussion with the audience.

Other relevant seminars are seminars organized by different departments of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of VU University Amsterdam and of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam.