A series of seminars during which PhD candidates present their work-in-progress in a friendly environment. The seminars are also aimed to provide an opportunity to discuss with peers, senior researchers and fellow Doctoral candidates representing different disciplines, specific problems related to one’s research. Each seminar includes a 30-minutes presentation by a Doctoral candidate (presenter), a 15-minutes discussion by another Doctoral candidate (reviewer), and a 15-minutes questions and feedback session with the rest of the audience. Each presenter is requested to invite a reviewer– a Doctoral candidate – from another research group. The reviewer provides a review report or a short presentation containing a review before the seminar and hand this over to the presenter and the seminar-coordinators, Zuzana Sasovova and Maura Soekijad. Currently, there are 5 ABRI PhD Research Seminars scheduled per year. They are scheduled at 16.00 and are followed by informal get-together drinks at The Basket (on the campus of VU University Amsterdam). 

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Ozasir Kacar, Sibel
Sibel Ozasir Kacar

Presentation topic
Entrepreneurial Diversity: Contextual variety of entrepreneurial identities and experiences

Presentation date
10 December 2019 @ 5A-37

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