PhD Defence Amir Shabani

Shabani, Amir 2 
Logistics & Operations Research

Dissertation title
Supply Chain Networks: Quantitative Models for Measuring Performance

Date and location
July 7, 2020 at 9:45 in an online session

Supply Chain Networks: Quantitative Models for Measuring Performance

Shabani, AmerPerformance measurement is a key managerial task that provides decision-makers with crucial information for achieving company objectives. In the context of supply chains, it can help to better understand production/service processes, bottlenecks, issues, improvement potentials and critical success factors. Measuring the performance of the supply chain is challenging due to several reasons. Firstly, one has to deal with multiple suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, distributors, vendors and retailers in addition to internal stakeholders of a company. Under such conditions, determining performance objectively and accurately is very important and can be quite demanding. Secondly, managers continuously reshape the boundaries of companies. These continuous adjustments complicate a periodic performance measurement, although this measurement is vital to keep the business units as competitive as possible. This thesis points out that existing, quantitative models developed for measuring the performance of supply chains do not cover the entire spectrum of aspects required for reliable and precise performance evaluation. Therefore, in this thesis, we propose novel, quantitative models to evaluate supply chain performance accurately.
Short biography
Amir Shabani (1984) obtained his BSc degree in industrial management (2007) and his MSc degree in Production & Operations Management (2010) at Azad University (Iran). In 2015, he joined the Ph.D. program under the supervision of prof.dr. Wout Dullaert, and dr. Gabor Maroti at the Department of Supply Chain Analytics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His current research interest includes performance measurement modeling, business process optimization, and sustainable logistics. His work has been accepted for publication in a variety of international peer-reviewed journals.