PhD Defence Daniel Sagath

Sagath, Daniel 2
Strategy and Organisation

Dissertation title
Entrepreneurship in the Dutch space sector: The role of institutional logics, legitimacy and business incubation

Date and location
June 26, 2019 at 9:45 in the Aula of the Main Building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Entrepreneurship in the Dutch space sector: The role of institutional logics, legitimacy and business incubation
Sagath, DanielInnovation and entrepreneurship play a significant role in the success of the European space sector. The dynamics over the years have shown that institutional pressures from main players such as the European Space Agency (ESA), European Union (EU), and European states continue to influence the innovation process. The level of ‘independent’ and ‘breakthrough’ innovation and entrepreneurship in the space sector under the current conditions is under debate. This debate concerns the question whether the full potential of the industry gets fruitfully exploited. This dissertation contributes to this debate by analysing entrepreneurship patterns in The Netherlands and by comparing the Dutch space sector with a number of other ESA member states. It relates the entrepreneurial patterns to institutional logics, legitimacy, business incubation and technology transfer infrastructure, and governmental incentive programs. Thus, this dissertation delivers important insights in how institutional logics, business incubation practices, and facilitating programmes impact entrepreneurship and innovation. Moreover, it delivers practical knowledge to design measures that foster the development of an entrepreneurial and innovative business environment in the Dutch and European space sector.

About the Author
Daniel Sagath (1986) obtained his BSc and MA degrees in Political Science and European Studies at the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czechia. Next, he worked for multiple governmental organisations and think-tanks, including the United Nations and the European Space Agency. In 2014, he joined the PhD programme at the Amsterdam Business Research Institute, School of Business and Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His work has been accepted for multiple professional and academic high-level conferences, and has been published in, among others, Acta Astronautica and the Journal of Business Venturing Insights, including a couple of book volumes. His primary expertise is in public governance, entrepreneurship and business development in high-tech sectors.