PhD Defence Yu Mu

Mu, Yu
Information & Innovation Management

Dissertation title
Management of service innovation quality

Date and location
March 26, 2019, at 13:45 in the Aula of the Main Building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mu, YuManagement of service innovation quality
The relevance of service innovation has been widely acknowledged. Although academic research of service innovation has developed for decades, there remains a need for a better understanding of some vital issues. This dissertation proposes a framework of service innovation management, specifically in the context of online travel agencies. The framework provides academia with a point of departure for future research and practitioners with a structured approach. In terms of service innovation quality, this dissertation explores the operational performance of service innovation orientated by quality. The results shed new light on the area, specifically in healthcare, through integrating two pathways of value creation, and examining the contributions of employee groups. Based on empirical settings in tourism, specifically theme parks and airlines, this dissertation offers a four-dimensional approach of labeling various service innovation categories. The novel categorization simultaneously concerns the degree of change and type of change in a model.

About the author
Yu Mu (1988) did her PhD at Science, Business and Innovation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She also had a continuous postgraduate and doctoral program in Business Administration at Donghua University, China. Prior to that, she received her double bachelor’s degrees, respectively, in Tourism Management from Donghua University and in Finance from East China Normal University. Her main research interests include service innovation and quality management, with a particular focus on innovations in healthcare and tourism. Her work appears in a variety of international peer-reviewed journals.