Glaser, LotteLotte Glaser
Strategy & Organisation

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Managing the Paradox of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lotte GlaserManaging the paradox of Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE)empty

Today’s dynamic and turbulent economic environment requires large organizations to integrate corporate entrepreneurship; a powerful means by which companies can quickly adapt to changing conditions and stay ahead of their competitors. Yet, acting entrepreneurially and engaging in ongoing processes of creativity often fail as large organizations present hostile environments for entrepreneurial ideas. Therefore, being an entrepreneur within an established organization seems to be paradoxical. With numerous entrepreneurial ventures successfully challenging corporate titans, the issue of how to manage this paradox becomes of utmost importance to the survival of large organizations. The empirical studies in Lotte’s PhD research offer an integrated perspective on this issue, building upon insights from social network theory and entrepreneurship literature.   

Applying a multilevel approach, the studies expose various ways of achieving corporate entrepreneurship depending on certain configurations of social capital and organizational context. The dissertation contributes to both theory and practice by providing new academic insights as well as recommendations for practitioners.