Astrid ter Wiel

Wiel, Astrid terASTRID TER WIEL
Strategy & Organisation

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Learning to collaborate: A qualitative study of interorganizational relationship management

14 December 2012 @ 09:45

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Wiel, Astrid ter Learning to collaborate
A qualitative study of interorganizational relationship management
ISBN 978-94-6203-151-7

Interorganizational relationships offer strategic solutions to help firms overcome resource limitations and potentially improve firm performance. In order to benefit from these alliances, adequate relationship management is key. By repeatedly dealing with interorganizational relationships, organizations gain collaborative experience, which may increase their ability to manage future alliances. In order to enhance the development of such alliance capability, it is crucial to understand how organizations learn from collaborative experience. Astrid ter Wiel's thesis adds to that understanding by providing insight into how the diversity of interorganizational relationships, the fragmentation of alliance management knowhow, the applicability of collaborative experience and the configuration of alliance management activities influence learning about alliance management.