3rd International Symposium On Meaningful Work

Meaningfulness and Sustainability: How Can Meaningful Work Contribute to Sustainable Ways of Doing Business?


Amsterdam Canals
Date: June 14-15, 2018
Location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Deadline abstract submission: March 15, 2018
Decisions of acceptance: March 30, 2018

About The Symposium
Significant economic, political, societal and environmental changes across the globe increasingly compel organizations to be sustainable and contribute to social development (Markman, Russo, Lumpkin, Jennings, & Mair, 2016). Being a sustainable organization means not only caring for the environment but also being ethical with regard to their management practices that concern key stakeholders, including employees (Pfeffer, 2010). It requires organizations to shift from having a purely profit short-term focus to a more long-term sustainable way of doing business. While organizations can achieve sustainability with regard to environment and society by engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, sustainability with regard to employees requires organizations to meet basic moral conditions enabling employees to perceive their work as meaningful – significant and purposeful (Michaelson, Pratt, Grant, & Dunn, 2014). 
Enabling employees to experience meaningful work has been found to be associated with important outcomes for individuals (i.e., job satisfaction, well-being, etc.) and organizations (i.e., employee performance) (Rosso, Dekas, & Wrzesniewski, 2009). Furthermore, cultivating meaningful work by organizations is seen as one of the primary paths towards improving employee work engagement and building an “irresistible organization” (i.e., the one that employees would never want to leave) (Delloitte, 2014). Thus, creating conditions for employees’ meaningful work is a worthwhile path to take in organizational pursuit of sustainability.
This symposium will be a platform for conversation of interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners on the following themes: 
  • Meaningful work and Employee Well-being
  • Meaningful work and Sustainable HRM & Career
  • Meaningful Work and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Critical Perspectives on Meaningful Work

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