Samer Faraj
Hans Berends

In this interactive session we will dive into the nature of process theorizing and methods to do process research. This will be illustrated with examples from research on digital innovation processes. We will pay particular attention to writing (and publishing) on process research.

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Marleen Huysman
  • Pachidi, S, Berends, H, Faraj, S and Huysman, M. Make way for the algorithms: Symbolic actions and change in a regime of knowing. Forthcoming in Organization Science.
  • Waardenburg, S and Huysman, M. (working paper, submitted to OrgScience, distributed 2 weeks in advance): Filling the voids, how occupational authority emerges from curating learning algorithms
  • Van den Broek, E. (2019). Hiring Algorithms: An Ethnography of Fairness in Practice.
Stephen Barley

Ann Majchrzak