Collaborating and innovating with new technologies (2013)

Literature on organizations and information technology (IT) has witnessed a change over the last few decades. Whereas it received a lot of attention until the end of the 1980’s, interest declined in the years following. IT was primarily used to automate existing operations and increase the speed of communication, with no significant changes nor impact on organizational forms and outcome. Mainly due to the rise of the Internet, the increased knowledge-intensity of organizational performance and the growing distributed and mobile forms of working and organizing, literature on IT and organizations has regained its importance in organizations since the past several years. Moreover, over the years the significance of using interpretive and process based research to study these new phenomena, has gained acceptance among a growing number of related international journals. As a result, there is a need among scholars to understand in more detail what and how to study learning and collaborating practices that emerges from the interplay between (new) technologies and new ways of working as well as the management thereof.

Building on the success of last year’s workshop this year’s workshop is designed to help develop the insights and skills of PhD and early career researchers in theory development and methodologies within this multi-disciplinary field of knowledge, information technology and networks (KIN). The purpose is to expand academic skills in order to conduct and publish valuable research.

After this workshop, participants will:

  • Be familiar with research literature on latest development related to organizational collaborating and innovating with (new) technologies
  • Have the capacity to combine, integrate, and critically discuss the various perspectives and research methods and apply these to the analysis of current organizational challenges.
  • Have insight into the relevance of the literature discussed in this course to participants’ own research project.
  • Have a sense of what makes top quality research in this area.

Course Manual 2013

Programme 2013

June 10, Monday

10am – 1pmNew Ways of WorkingMarleen Huysman
Professor of Knowledge & OrganizationVU University Amsterdam (NL)
VU University
1pm-2pmLunch VU University
2pm-5pmTechnology & Complex CollaborationSamer Faraj
Professor of Technology, Management& HealthcareMcGill University (Canada)
VU University
EveningDrinks at the Campus  

June 11, Tuesday

10am – 1pmInformation Technology and New Forms of OrganizingAndrea Carugati
Associate Professor of InformationSystemsAarhus University (Denmark)
VU University
1pm-2pmLunch VU University
2pm-5pm“Writing, reviewing, getting published”All facultyVU University
EveningDinner in City Centre  

June 12, Wednesday

10am – 1pmAnalyzing Processes of Organizational Learning, Innovation & CollaborationHans Berends
Associate Professor of Organizational learning and InnovationVU University Amsterdam (NL)
VU University
1pm-2pmLunch VU University
2pm-5pmDigital Coordination over Time: Learning from Complex Engineering ProjectsJennifer Whyte
Professor in Innovation and DesignUniversity of Reading (UK)
VU University


June 13, Thursday

9am – 1pm (?)Presentation and Discussion of Individual Research ProjectsAll facultyVU University