Social Network Analysis and Organisations

The Social Network Analysis and Organizations workshop is a comprehensive five-day workshop for PhDs, post-docs and other interested participants who would like an introduction to applying social network theory and methods to studies in and between organizations. The workshop offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic elements of social network methods with an emphasis on organizational network studies. We also offer a chance to gain hands-on experience with social network software with data provided either by yourself or us.
The Workshop includes an introduction to social networks for novices, followed by lecture and discussion sessions on network research in both intra-organizational networks and inter organizational networks. Within these topics, we will discuss specific issues including: defining social networks, basic network measures, types of relations and networks, types of measures of network position (including centrality and structural holes), homophily, network emergence and change, transitivity, hypothesis testing, QAP regression, reciprocity, modeling network structure, decision points in research design, data collection and methods, and issues with publishing and reviewing network research. A practical introduction to UCINET (basic social network analysis software tool) and SIENA (longitudinal network software package) will also be given. The workshop will conclude with a parallel mini-conference, where participants have the opportunity to present their current network-related work and have their work discussed in a group setting (including discussing possible analyses of network data). 
Organised by
Department of Organization Sciences on behalf of Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS) and Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI), VU University Amsterdam & University of Kentucky, LINKS International Center for Research on Social Networks in Business

Faculty includes

  • Joe Labianca (University of Kentucky)
  • Dan Halgin (University of Kentucky)
  • Gerhard van de Bunt (VU University)
  • Peter Groenewegen (VU University)
  • Maurits de Klepper (VU University)

Practical Information

  • Workshop website:
  • Date: Monday 24 October - Friday 28 October 2011
  • Location: VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  •  Cost: external PhD students €450, for other participants (e.g. faculty, consultants) a higher price is set.
  • Deadline for application: 1 September, 2011
  • Please send inquiries to:  or contact (+31) (0)20 59 86665