Academic Paper and Successful Publishing

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Are you a PhD candidate who is writing his/her first academic paper? Or are you in your last year of the PhD trajectory and anxious about getting your research published in top management journals? Or maybe you are a senior researcher who just received a rejection letter for the paper on which you worked hard for the past two years? No matter in which stage of your academic career you are, getting through the process of getting your paper published can be painful. How you write may leap you into a success. It may also hinder your chances of getting your work published.
The Academic Paper and Successful Publishing course of Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) recognises the importance of writing for getting your work communicated to the rest of the world through successful publishing. Every year ABRI organises a series of workshops which are aimed to help researchers understand the purposes and processes of getting your work published and provides participants with learning opportunities and practical tips to develop their papers for publication.