From the Director of Doctoral Education

Dear candidate,

It is our my pleasure to welcome you to the graduate school of the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI). For many of you, joining our programmes indicates the start of an academic career. However, going through a PhD trajectory successfully is not an easy task. Important success factors include a passion for research, determination to collect and analyse high quality data, and commitment to getting one's work published in academic journals, while behaving responsibly and demonstrating strong ethical conduct. Passion for research and a critical and curious mind are things that you will bring to our programme. In turn, it is our task to help you excel in research skills and succeed in your academic career.

Since 2009 we have delivered over 40 PhDs that graduated within ABRI’s graduate school in the field of business. They did great things during their PhD trajectory:

More than half of them, spent time abroad; they went to great institutes to work with excellent researchers, such as at MIT, Haas School of Business, McGill, NYU Stern, Texas A&M. Many published their work in top tier journals, including Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of OB. Oftentimes before or just shortly after graduation. Also, many got a premium for graduating in time (within the 4 years of their contract), and we will soon see whether that will also hold for the first cohort of 3-year PhDs!

Our graduates also did great things after their PhD :

Apart from those who went to one of the Amsterdam based universities, 30% got in at universities in Hong Kong, Montreal, Waterloo, Rotterdam, Wageningen, Tilburg, etc. as postdoc, assistant professor on a tenure track or senior researcher, while others started in organizations like IBM, KPMG, EY or ING, mostly here at the Zuidas, to put their knowledge into practice.

We are therefore very proud of our graduates, and we are happy to have you as part of our graduate school. Together we are able to sustain and build the friendly atmosphere that has characterized our ABRI community from the start: open and supportive. We aim to be a leading institute to educate graduate students, from master to phd and beyond. We are therefore extremely excited to start our newly accredited joint Research Master Business in Society per September 2015!

We are certain that you will enjoy the stimulating environment of our programmes and the multicultural environment of the business district Amsterdam Zuidas. We aspire to give you the best foundation in starting your academic journey, by assisting you in developing all necessary skills, so that you can make a difference in science, business and society. If we can achieve that, ABRI’s graduate school will become one of the most preferred partners to offer business research programmes in Europe and beyond. We with you an inspirational learning journey at ABRI!