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What the PhD Council is 
The ABRI PhD council was formed in 2010, and currently consists of four SBE PhD candidates. Since all SBE PhD students are affected by the same regulations, the council - although embedded within ABRI, aims to represent the interest of all SBE PhDs. Hence, we would like to invite you to contact us if you feel like there is something that needs to be addressed (in addition to filling out the annual PhD-survey, see below).

Aside from representing SBE PhDs, the council also organizes PhD lunches, approximately 4 times a year, where we enjoy a lunch while discussing a serious topic that we have encountered or might encounter in our lives as PhDs. Usually the council invites an expert to teach us something new regarding this topic. For 2016-2017 we plan to have informative sessions on work-life balance, the PhD defence day, supervisors, funding, resources of the VU library and the writing process. The council also organises social events about two times per year, such as dinners, and fun activities like bowling and laser tag. For more information, check the schedule below and the ABRI newsletter!



Buehler, FlorianKunst, David
Florian Buehler
David Kunst
Blokker, Rowena
Twaalfhoven, Simon
Rowena Blokker
Simon Twaalfhoven

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ABRI PhD lunches & Dinners
The ABRI PhD Council organizes both lunches and dinners where you can interact with your fellow PhD students. Do not miss them! Dinners are usually off campus and start around 18:00. Lunches are on campus (with educational elements) and are from noon to 13:30.

Overview 2017-2018

10 October 2017
Kick-off meeting
10 October 2017
Research Seminar Ada Sneekes
10 October 2017
PhD Council welcomes all PhD's from SBEthe Basket
28 November 2017
Research Seminar Inge Brokerhof
BV 1H24
30 January 2018
Research Seminar Florian Buehler
HG 5A24
26 February 2018
PhD Council Lunch Seminar
HG 6A-33
10 April 2018
Research Seminar Lauren Waardenburg
HG 1A43
12 June 2018
Research Seminar Iina Ikonen
HG 1A43