Suzanne van der Ster

Ster, Suzanne van de Doctoral candidate: Suzanne van der Ster
 Research track: Operations Research
 Start date: August 2010
 Supervisor: Prof dr. Leen Stougie & Dr. Rene Sitters

 Mixed Criticality Scheduling

Problems encountered in extensive testing of new products before launching at the market gives rise to peculiar and interesting subclasses of scheduling problems. Whereas in classical scheduling, processing times of tasks are unique on a specific machine, in testing environments a task has a criticality level and its processing time depends on the criticality levels, even if processed on the same machine. The mixed-criticality scheduling problem arising in practice is an on-line problem. Algorithms for solving it will be designed and analysed mathematically. For a good understanding of the problem the study of off-line versions is indispensable.

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