Stella Pachidi

Information & Innovation Management   

Prof. Marleen Huysman, Dr. Hans Berends, Dr. Inge van de Weerd


Lost in translation: The introduction of analytics practices in the organization

I am currently a PhD candidate in the KIN research group at VU University Amsterdam. I hold a research master in Business Informatics from Utrecht University and a 5-year diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. I am interested in how new technologies change work in organizations. 

In my PhD research, I am taking a practice-based perspective to explain how analytics and big data are challenging established ways of knowing and acting in organizations. I am performing a longitudinal qualitative study examining the introduction, use and growth of the business analytics technology in the corporate sales division of a large telecommunications organization. I am analysing how epistemological tensions emerge and evolve across knowledge boundaries between sales employees and analysts. Also, I examine the ceremonial practices that the sales employees follow, which unintendedly help institutionalize and maintain the analytics practice in the entire sales department. Finally, I am investigating the performativity of transparency afforded by the analytics technology, by taking a sociomaterial and temporal perspective, and studying how the actions of the sales employees are not always transparent, but often become opaque as they enact the CRM system.

My work has been presented at the Academy of Management Meeting at the OCIS division, at the OLKC Conference, the ICIS workshop on Business Intelligence and the ICIS doctoral consortium. Also, I have published a paper in Computers in Human Behavior based on my master thesis research.

More information can be found on my personal webpage: