Julia Schlegelmilch

Schlegelmilch, JuliaDoctoral candidate: Julia Schlegelmilch  
Researchtrack: Information & Innovation Management  
Start date: June 2015 
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Marleen Huysman, dr. Marlous Agterberg, dr. Amanda Porter

New Ways of Working: Open Work Practices, Physical Affordances and Digital Affordances

Julia is a PhD Candidate in the KIN research group at the VU University Amsterdam and fascinated by the role of physical and digital affordances with regard to innovations in the workspace. More specifically, her focus is on digital nomads and how they utilize digital technologies to organize life and what impact these technologies have on (shared) work practices. Another angle are "co-working"​ or "third" spaces.

She holds two master degrees, one in Business Administration (specialization Change Management) and a master degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Groningen, and her background is in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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