Daniel Sagath

Sagath, DanielDoctoral Candidate: Daniel Sagath
Research Track: Strategy and Organization
Start Date: March 2014
Supervisor: Dr. ir. JC Van Burg & Prof. dr. JP Cornelissen

Valorization in the space sector: The interplay of institutional pressure, technology transfer mechanisms, entrepreneurship and innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship play a significant role in the success of the space sector. The dynamics over the years have changed as institutional pressure from the European Space Agency (ESA), European Union (EU) and Member States continue to drive the process though shifting government priorities. The level of ‘independent’ innovation and entrepreneurship in the space sector under the current conditions, with EU being an additional institutional player, is under debate. This debate concerns the question whether the full potential of the industry gets fruitfully exploited in terms of both up-stream innovations that get applied in new project as well as downstream innovations and applications resulting from developed space technologies, including targeted measures to spur valorization and technology transfer.

The objective of the project is to analyze the entrepreneurship and innovation patterns in The Netherlands and compare it with a number of other ESA member states, and relate the entrepreneurial and innovation diversity to the institutional pressures, and valorization and technology transfer infrastructure. This research project will deliver important insights on how rules, regulations and facilitating programs impact entrepreneurship and innovation as well as in how these rules, regulations and facilitating programs could be adapted to foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

This PhD projects is co-sponsored by the Netherlands Space Office and the European Space Agency.

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