Judith Plomp

Plomp, JudithDoctoral candidate: Judith Plomp
Research track: Organisational Behaviour
Start date: September 2015 
Supervisor: Prof. dr. P.G.W. (Paul) Jansen and Prof. dr. S. N. (Svetlana) Khapova       




The role of proactive work behaviors in optimizing job- and career-related outcomes   

Currently, Judith Plomp is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI). Her research focus encompasses topics within the domains of Organizational Behavior and HRM. More specifically, she examines how employees in the contemporary organizational environment use proactive behaviors to optimize both their work- and career-related outcomes. In addition, she is interested in the differences between permanent and temporary employees concerning motivation, job crafting behaviors, work engagement, and career development.

Brief resumé

She graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam and holds a MSc degree in Organizational Psychology. After her study, she worked as an academic teacher at the department of Psychology at the EUR. Before starting her PhD project, she completed the Junior Researcher Programme at ABRI.

Since 2014 she is responsible for the annual Career Aspirations Trendwatch survey (CAT) among alumni of FEWEB. The CAT aims to follow the career paths of VU graduates, including important topics relating to mobility, employability, work attitudes and behavior. At the VU, she is active as a teacher in the Advanced Business Research Methods course and supervises several bachelor and master theses. 

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Publications and conference presentations:

Plomp, J., Tims, M., Akkermans, J., Khapova, S.N., Jansen, P.G.W., & Bakker, A.B. (work in progress). Proactive Personality and Well-Being. The Mediating Role of Job Crafting and Career Competencies. WAOP Conference Amsterdam.

Bakker, A.B., & Plomp, J. (2015). Dagelijkse werkbevlogenheid: Een overzicht en huidige richtingen. Management en Organisatie.

Tims, M., Oerlemans, W.G.M.,& Plomp, J. (2015). Over geluk gesproken: De aanvullende rol van job crafting. Management en Organisatie.