Leonie Houtman

Houtman, Leoni Doctoral candidate: Leonie Houtman 
 Research track: Knowledge, Information, and Networks 
 Start date: June 2010  
 Supervisors: Prof. dr. Marleen Huysman, Dr. Bart van den Hooff &
                            Dr. Julia Kotlarsky 

Knowledge Retention and Employee Turnover: The Role of Transactive Memory
Organizational membership changes at an increasingly higher rate, specifically due to the upcoming retirement of the baby-boom generation and layoffs of personnel due to the changing economic environment. Organizations need to deal with the preservation of their intellectual capacity in light of any future changes in the organizational network that will occur. This research proposes to investigate the influence of employee turnover on the structure, processes and quality of an organization’s transactive memory system and its impact on knowledge retention, by conducting several case studies at multiple organizations. 


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