Mathilde van Dijk

Mathilde van Dijk


Prof. dr. Hester van Herk


Who values sustainability?

Sustainability is an important topic for academic marketing research. There are still great challenges to be found in the conceptualization of sustainable consumption and in understanding the causal mechanisms that relate to pro-social consumer behaviour. With progress in methods for data collection and analysis, there are new opportunities to expand on these issues. Relating the Schwartz cultural values to sustainable consumption activities can help to clarify differences in sustainable consumption choices both across individuals as well as countries. With her research Mathilde aims to develop a validated measurement instrument for sustainable consumption tendencies and contribute to the growing body of literature on sustainable consumer behaviour.


Research interests

  • Sustainability
  • Consumption
  • Cultural values
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • Scale development

Brief résumé
Mathilde van Dijk (1988) is a PhD candidate in Marketing at VU University Amsterdam since 2013. She holds a master’s degree in Consumer Studies from Wageningen UR and a bachelor’s degree from Maastricht University. She started working at the VU as a junior researcher and continued to work here as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. dr. Hester van Herk.