Why this programme?

Internationalisation of the labour market, global economic crisis, and a consequent shortage of vacancies are making it increasingly more difficult for fresh business studies’ graduates to enter the work force. Many corporate recruitment agencies have already shifted their focus by targeting only top graduates. Academia has also toughened its recruitment requirements. The mere passion for research no longer determines candidates’ acceptance for a PhD position. An increasing number of Dutch universities and universities abroad are asking from their PhD applicants’ possession of advanced research training and research experience, as well as written work already published or presented at international conferences.

This extracurricular academic programme has been developped to assist students in equipping themselves with skills and experiences needed to enter advanced positions in business research and consulting. The programme is an addition to the regular Master degree programmes in business and organisation studies. No additional tuition fee is charged for participation in the programme. 

What is in it for you?

International recognition
Most importantly, the MSc Honours programme in Business Research will offer you an internationally recognised advanced degree in business research. It will give your future employer evidence that you are ambitious, talented and are highly motivated to learn, discover and advance business.

Intellectual stimulation
You will enjoy an intellectually stimulating environment of a smaller group of similarly talented students. Top professors of the faculty will be working with each of you individually and in groups introducing you to advances in business and management studies. They will also guide you in the process of your thesis and if desired, PhD proposal writing, helping you to achieve the highest result.

The programme offers:

  • Advanced knowledge and skills in qualitative or quantitative methods. Honours students will be invited to take one PhD-level course in advanced methods.
  • Support to students aspiring an academic career to develop their own (PhD) research proposal, which can be submitted to competitions for funding, for instance at NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek). Having an Honours degree will increase the candidate’s chances to get funding.
  • Structured guidance during thesis writing through academic writing masterclasses. Top researchers of the faculty will be assigned to provide a masterclass on writing. You will also receive guidance on how turn your thesis into an academic paper. The programme aims at having all Honours theses submitted to an academic journal or to an international conference.