MSc Honours Programme in Business Research

The MSc Honours Programme in Business Research is an extracurricular academic programme with the primary objective of exposing a selected group of talented and motivated students to advances in business research. The programme is worth of 20 ECTS, and is an addition to the regular Master’s degree programme in business administration and related studies. In its design and objectives, the programme emphasises breadth, depth and practice of the academic research.

Next to the primary objective, the programme aims to:

  • Engage students in developing scientific knowledge through collaboration with the top researchers of the three faculties: the  School of Business and Economics  (SBE) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW) of VU Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) of the University of Amsterdam;
  • Enable students to make a better informed choice of a topic for their Master thesis;
  • Equip students with advanced skills in quantitative and qualitative methods, which will allow them to carry out a high quality Master thesis leading to a (inter-)national publication and;
  • Enable students to make a decision of whether they would like to pursue a career in business research.  

Download the MSc Honours Programme brochure here.

Here you can find the slides of the information session on 15 November.


For more information please contact ABRI’s Director of Doctoral Education (Dr. Maura Soekijad).